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"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, ..." (Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities, 1859)
Britain out of view,  EU  gaining speed.
No pictures! BREXIT!
Februar 2020 - Day Zero

Written in that character sequences Wee Germens think of to be genuine English. Sorry for that. Or not. Thought it would be appropriate while weeping, laughing, celebrating or mourning (just choose two of four) on this day of all!

This is the first day of "EU light", "EU 2.0" or "EUreka". Which term you choose depends on your mood or the party you are running after.

Everyone will remember this day! Like 9/11. Or first coitus. Or last watch. (No, that one was wrong, I meant, "the lost watch" ...hmm, or "the lost view"? Me - as a German - has really difficulties to express myself in that difficult language).

What did you do today?

I myself celebrated this day in a melancholicaly kind of sad party for one.
Yesterday I prepared in a sophisticated kind of way: I ordered three cans of Haggis from the UK-Website of an american seller-reseller-money-generating-internet-based-automaton. And I ordered two cashmere jumpers from a Scottish Woolen Mill. And - Aaaah! - That was fast! They started delivery one hour after ordering! Ok, my orders were placed like at 10 p.m., just two hours before the Grand-Opening-exit (several soft openings happened around the last few years). And - surprise! - I will receive the orders on Tuesday! Wow! Ordered Friday night, delivery on Tuesday morning? From Scotland to southeastern Bavaria? What do they use for transportation nowadays? Rockets? That (Brrrr)Exit could happen more often! Really!

Now, what did I do today?

I did a whole day watching several episodes of "Death in Paradise". I laughed from the bottom of my heart, and I weeped a little. A brilliant crime series, full of silent humor (not very British, this!), the setting in a beautiful location in the Carribean, always with blazing trading winds, hot, moist, raining and people of all colors and nations, especially French and British, working together! Like a swiss clock! My dream of the EU! Cookoo!

Then I prepared a meal for myself, it had to be Shepherds Pie (Yes, no apostrophe!), my own variation, and it tasted wonderful! Then I opened a bottle of Dallas Dhu Malt Whisky (22 years, "specially bottled  to commemorate The 400th Anniversary of the Union of the Crowns 1603-2003"), then I opened a bottle of Glenfarclas Single Highland Malt Cask Strength, bottle No. 0027 of 1800, from the year 1978 (destilled), 1999 (bottled) . Both bottles from my stock.

But, oops! Then I realised, that all my celebrating and partying was based on Scottish Heritage alone. So I folded away the St. Andrews Flag and planned to breathe in some really, really British ... NO! ... English atmosphere, watching all episodes of "Yes, Minister" and "Yes, Prime Minister", knowing, that these series are the true heart of the English Soul (TM, like something George Mikes once wrote the other day). My last film this evening then will be (after watching "Life of Brian" and "Hogfather") my absolutely favourite picture: Jabberwocky! And it is an honor to say, I shall watch all of them in original audio!

So, tomorrow and all other days following will be empty and sad and silent, without any humor, friendship and Quangos. What a dull life had to begin this day of all!

Good Ri...apologies! Good Bye!

And we all shall now sing "Auld Lang Syne"! For the last time...?